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Fukigen Cinderella 13

It shouldn’t have taken so long, but the previous raws we had were too dirty to be able to clean properly. The next chapters should come out sooner, I hope.

Chapter 13


Fukigen Cinderella 12

Chapter 12 is here, enjoy.

You still haven’t seen all of Sachika-san’s very own brand of messing up little kids.



Fukigen Cinderella 11

ShadowAimai here

Chapter 11 is now available. Enjoy.

We need experienced editors to work on this. If you got the skill and the will, go to Farhad’s TG Forum and send me a message.





Fukigen Cinderella Chapter 10

Shadow here, bearing gifts. Here is chapter 10, as promised.


Or maybe you would like some wallpapers of Aki with very little clothes?



I am the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares, the fiend of a thousand faces

Actually no. I am just ShadowAimai. We had some trouble getting the raws cleaned because of my experience at scanning.

Fukigen Cinderella Chapter 09


Good and Bad News

First… the good news…
Our group got a hold volume 2 and we are currently scanning chapter 9
Also, there is a chance we may be doing another manga, but depends if we get more people or not

Now, the bad news…
Devil is now busy in real life and cannot proofread… not to mention that Archer hasn’t responded for a while
So we are in dire need of a proofreader right now…

Either way, here’s chapter 8

Chapter 8 Mediafire
Chapter 8 Mirrors


Fairly recently, someone else used non-proofed translations for chapter 7 and pasted it on uncleaned pages
I won’t name this person… but… if you are going to take our job, at least do a good job

Also, Archer seems like he is busy and Devil will take over his job temporarily
Kudos to Devil for proofreading this chapter

Chapter 7 Mediafire
Chapter 7 Mirrors

We have a new member!

We officially have a new member!
I welcome you to Farhad’s Friends, DKDevil.

Sorry for the long wait guys! (and girls)
And woohoo! Another release… btw do you guys like this credits page?
It was hard looking for certain pictures and decided to try this one.

Chapter 6 Mediafire
Chapter 6 Mirrors

…Or maybe not :(

Damn… I’m really shocked that no one ever mention about a missing page…
And yes, chapter 4 of Fukigen Cinderella had a few HUGE mistakes…
Everyone was at fault, especially us…
Therefore, on chapter 5, we made MORE checks so this never happens again (or not for a long time at least).

Speaking of chapter 5, I won’t say any spoilers though…
but something very awkward popped up during this chapter.
I gotta say… I didn’t expect it. :/
This time we made SURE nothing is wrong (hopefully nothing is wrong)

Chapter 4 Mediafire
Chapter 4 Mirrors
Chapter 5 Mediafire
Chapter 5 Mirrors

Off to a good start… :D

Our group just started and we already have our first, fresh chapter…
of Fukigen Cinderella! (Chapter 4)


Due to a huge correction in chapter 4, do not download this one…
The next post contains the revised version of chapter 4